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The Access2Justice Project remains one of the prominent parts of our work. Through our dedicated volunteers, we embark on periodic prison visit where we interact with inmates and take their legal needs. We thereafter help the indigent inmates without Lawyers access legal representation irrespective of the legal fees paid. Our Network has handled over 200 cases and is handling fresh 14 cases lying in Magistrate Courts and High Courts. Recently through our legal assistance, a Widow and her 14-year-old son who were charged with fictitious allegations were discharged and charges framed against her and her son withdrawn.



Recently under the Premium Times Center for Investigative Journalism's Legal Defence Coalition, we deployed 15 of our volunteers led by our program manager to be part of a coalition that assists journalists to access legal representation at a very subsidized rate.



Within 2018 and 2019 we have held two ''LEADERSHIP AND CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOP FOR PRO BONO LEGAL AID PROVIDERS IN NIGERIA'' training a total of over 500 legal aid providers across Nigeria. Our workshops have built the competencies of legal aid workers in Nigeria equipping them with 21st Century litigation tools. This engagement is expected to assist legal aid workers and pro bono lawyers stand up to the challenges in court when they engage in litigation against other legal practitioners. The litigation surgery has been held in Abuja, Lagos, and Kano drawing participation from States across the Federation.



Why Pro bono is a campaign initiated by three Officials of the Organization to encourage Private Law Firms to engage in a certain hours of Pro bono Services annually. It is our believe that the National Human Rights Commission, Legal Aid Council of Nigeria and other Non-Governmental organization working in the area of Access to Justice despite their huge commitment and success would be unable to attend to the justice needs of indigent Nigeria. Hence this campaign aims at using strategic advocacy to partner with the Nigerian Bar Association, NJC, Body of Benchers, National Human Right Commission, Legal Aid Council of Nigeria and NGOs to develop a framework where Law Firms will be mobilized to render Pro bono Services yearly.



Network of Pro bono Lawyers leveraging the Freedom of Information Act, 2011 sued the Attorney General for not replying requested information on the 2.8 Billion Prison Decongestion Project approved by the Federal Government in April 2019 to decongest the Prisons within the statutory seven days. During the pendency of the suit at the Federal High Court Abuja, the Office of the Attorney General released the information in a letter providing the name of the Company executing the project and the numbers of prisons the project would cover. At Network of Pro bono Lawyers we believe accountability is key to an efficient Justice System which will work in the interest of the poor.

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