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About Netprolaw

The Network of Pro-bono Lawyers is a non-governmental organisation promoting the rule of law and respect for human rights, by creating a platform for lawyers and legal aid providers to build their capacity, rejuvenate the spirit of common humanity in other to offer quality legal services to underprivileged persons who cannot afford legal representation.

The network represents disadvantaged groups in Nigeria.

About Netprolaw

Over the years, the network has trained thousands of lawyers and paralegals who are providing legal advice and representing the most disadvantaged groups in Nigeria. The Network has branches in Lagos, Kano, Abia and is headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria.

The network is also engaging with government especially in relation to the promotion of the civil and political rights and social-economic rights but most especially the freedom of information and expression which we believe are the gateway rights to accessing other fundamental human rights.

Network Projects

1. Annual Leadership and Capacity building workshop for lawyers and Legal Aid Providers in Nigeria: with an objective to increase legal aid and pro bono lawyering capacity in Nigeria by engaging lawyers and stakeholders, we convene conferences and network building events in Nigeria to identify barriers and brainstorm solutions to provide legal services and to empower low-income Nigerians in court systems.

2. Pro bono Legal Representation: We provide legal services to persons who cannot access legal representation.

3. Prison Visits

4. Membership of Press Defence Coalition team

5. Mentorship programs for aspiring lawyers and para Legals

Our Locations

Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Abia

Our Focus Area

Legal representation for indigent inmates

Women and children

Minority groups/persons with disability

Rule of law and freedom of expression


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Our Team

Janet Gbam, ESQ

Janet Gbam, ESQ

Co-founder, Executive Director

Ahmed Adetola Kazeem, ESQ

Ahmed Adetola Kazeem, ESQ

Co-founder, Coordinator Lagos

Katumi Oboiren Mohammed, ESQ

Katumi Oboiren Mohammed, ESQ

Co-founder, Coordinator Kano

Oche Tony Onazi, ESQ

Oche Tony Onazi, ESQ

Programs Manager

Andrea Vanen Kwen, ESQ

Andrea Vanen Kwen, ESQ

Director of Communications

Our Partners

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